Cablescan has invested in the creation of a facility and capability which is positioned to support the Military, Industrial and Aerospace sectors.

An overview of the types of harnesses we manufacture is detailed below. Each product regardless of application is subject to our AS9100 quality system.


high performance sealed​

Cablescan manufacture cable harnesses which operate in harsh environments where full environmental protection is required, we can hand lay multi-core cables for low volume requirements and prototyping and are aligned to specialist cable manufactures for production runs.

Aerospace open wire harnesses​

Our AS9100 driven process ensures that all incoming material is fully traceable to each assembly, each stage of the manufacturing process can be traced to the operator who carried out the operation. Wires can be laser marked using our TWO spectrum wire laser markers. All production related documentation is controlled by a configuration control system, any customer driven change is given agreed embodiment points to ensure seamless integration of change.


Boxes and control panels

The Cablescan engineering personnel has experience from the Aerospace and Military vehicle sectors, we have established relationships with fabricators to enable us to provide rapid development of bespoke machined or fabricated boxes or panels through to volume production, our products are in use in the marine, Commercial, Military and Aerospace sectors.

Aerospace and Military Test benches

Phoenix power systems Ltd was acquired by Cablescan in 2011, Since 1992 Phoenix has being involved with the manufacture of specialist test benches and associated harnesses for projects such as Hawk, JSF, Typhoon, Nimrod and Tornado.

Repair, Overhaul and modification​

Cablescan have a dedicated facility experienced in the repair, overhaul and modification of harnesses, control panels and junction boxes, all products are surveyed on receipt and released with a warranty, for some customers we have set up and managed a facility within their own premises, this has been done at various worldwide locations. We have supported many UoR activities and have often provided 24 hour engineering and production support and same day courier services to ensure minimal programme disruption; All change documentation is managed within the configuration control system. Where drawings are not available our Engineers have the capability to reverse engineer products and if required can work with customers to suggest alternative materials where through obsolescence, large moq or lead time may impact a programme.